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"Interestingly, this relationship varied for men and women.

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[13 Facts on the History of Marriage] According to Eli Finkel, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University who was not involved in the study, Uggla and Andersson's findings do agree with decades of relationship research.

"Any study like this is subject to alternative explanations, but these findings align with the broader research literature, which makes the authors' interpretation of their results quite plausible," Finkel told Live Science in an email.

There's no denying that work can be hard on a marriage. 25), a new study published in the journal Biology Letters asks an interesting question: If you work around lots of co-workers of the opposite sex, are you more likely to get a divorce?

The availability of alternative partners is just one of many factors that relationship scientists link to divorce.

One of the greatest misconceptions about dating and relationships is that money is the ultimate solution.

It is a common myth that the person with the most money will have the most dating options.

"This is an impressive study, especially in terms of the massive participant sample." Ultimately, though, there's only so much that surveys can tell us.

Each person's situation will be a little different, and the available data cannot account for things like financial security, stress levels or personality.

Overall, the job sectors that showed the highest divorce risk for both men and women were also those that required the most social interaction: hotels and restaurants.

On the flip side, folks with the lowest risk of divorce worked as farmers or librarians.

However, for most affluent men and women in Toronto, dating can take a back seat to a blossoming career path.

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