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Stir your drink with your finger; if the polish changes colors, which should happen within a few seconds, alert the bartender or jump ship.More basic, and more obvious, testing strips can be bought off of Amazon here.Roofies are odorless and tasteless, so it isn't as if your drink will taste off if it's been spiked.

Anything from a bowl or cooler - like Jungle Juice or P. Being drugged is never the victim's fault, despite our tendency for such a gut reaction.

If you see someone who is showing the signs of being drugged, always help - you'd want them to do the same for you.

"If someone has had one beer, and are acting like they've had five, that's a warning sign," says Dr. "Just knowing that, you should warn the bartender or get your friend away." Dissociation and disorientation are also also common first effects.

Roofies are easiest to use in the context of crowded places: Frat parties, clubs, bars and ragers are all likely settings, especially when there is little control over who gets in.

But Roofies aren't just for parties - a cup of coffee or a soda can be spiked just as easily.

Someone passing you a drink with unknown origins is never safe, even if you've seen them sip out of it.Roofies are the thing we were all warned about in our high school health classes; they are one of the most important threats that we are always told to look out for.You're at a party with your friends, you put your drink down for even a second, you pick it up - And then you wake up hours later, bruised and violated.Whether you hit up the Queensland coast, Byron or Bali for your end-of-school celebration, there are a few givens about your trip.You made memories with your girlfriends that you will cherish forever and you probably made a few mistakes too — although, those are just as amusing to relive after the fact.You probably spent too long on a beach, and there were other schoolies at that beach.

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